The business of the Serras was born in 1960 in Erli (SV), a small village in the hinterland of Albenga (SV), when the pioneer Tino Serra , besides growing apricots, cherries, peaches and chestnuts in his firm, decides to set up the business of the same products, too.


In 1970 he moves to Albenga and extends the product range to all the vegetables of the Albenga area (asparagus, artichoke, tomatoe, salad, courgette) who sell and distribute in the north of Italy.


In 1980 Mauro Serra joins the firm. He keeps on running the business and stars to export the vegetables of Albenga (dill, leek, parsley, red lollo, green lollo, rocket and brussels sprouts) in the north of Europe (Germany, Swiss, Sweden, Denmark).


In 1984 the SERRAFRUTTA is set in the industrial pole of Cisano sul Neva where it has its premises today.


In the first years of its existence, the main interest of the Family is that of exporting, but, due to the gradual decrease of fruit and vegetables cultivation, import turns out to be more profitable, starting with the Spanish first fruits, and rapidly extending to the Mediterranean basin, North of Europe, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey) increasing the sales annually.


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